Utility Worker - Northpoint Christian School

Location: Southaven, MS, USA


This position is no longer open.

Requisition Number: 1834

External Description:

Utility Worker - Pedestal Foods

Utility Worker Mission: Assist other employees in the kitchen as needed and following all sanitary and health related protocols by maintaining kitchen work areas, equipment or utensils in a clean, sanitary and orderly condition.

  • Operate the industrial dishwasher
  • Wash glassware, pots, pans and other implements by hand when necessary
  • Empty and clean all trash receptacles
  • Clean iced tea, coffee, soda and smoothie machines daily
  • Clean dish storage
  • Follow sanitation policies at all times
  • Provide assistance to other kitchen staff as needed, especially during peak times
  • Clean up spills or broken glassware immediately
  • Other duties as assigned by Management


  • High School diploma or equivalent required
  • Be customer-service driven
  • Ability to lift and move objects of up to 50 pounds in weight

Values: Integrity, Commitment, Discipline, Unity, Excellence, Innovation, Gratitude

Vision: Transforming Lives Through Great Food Experiences.

Mission: As a God-centered company, we purposely integrate into campus culture to help our clients nurture their students through great nutrition, memorable dining experiences, and a spirit of joyful service, every day.

Competencies & Capabilities:

  • Learning on the Fly—Learns quickly when facing new problems; a relentless and versatile learner; open to change; enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar tasks and quickly grasps the essence and the underlying structure of anything.
  • Time Management—Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently, concentrated his/her efforts on the more important priorities and can attend to a broader range of activities.
  • Action Oriented—Enjoys working hard, not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning and seizes more opportunities than others.
  • Customer Focus—Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.
  • Peer Relationships—Can quickly find common ground and solve problems for the good of all can represent his/her own interests and yet be fair to other groups; encourages collaboration and can be candid with peers.
  • Composure—Is cool under pressure; does not become defensive or irritated when times are tough; is considered mature can be counted on to hold things together during tough times and is a settling influence in a crisis.
  • Priority Setting—Spends his/her time and the time of others on what’s important, can quickly sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a goal, eliminates roadblocks and creates focus.

Community / Marketing Title: Utility Worker - Northpoint Christian School